Original post : 27 Jul 2013

Opportunities to promote handmade businesses

By Bronagh

On Planet Handmade we are always on the look out for opportunities to promote craft skills and businesses in the handmade sector. So here are a couple media hapenings that could help you.

First, do you run your business from home? If so you might want to enter the Guardian's Small Business Showcase.

It is currently accepting entries for the Home Business category and wants to hear from small businesses taking an innovative approach to working from home.
It is well worth taking a look at the entry criteria - you only need to write 250 words - because all entries that meet the criieria will be featured on the Guardian website and the three best from each category will have full articles written about them for the newspaper giving you invaluable publicity. Click on the link above to find out more.

Meanwhile Ricochet Television, the company behind Andrew Marr’s Megacities, Blood Sweat and T-shirts and Michel Roux Service is looking for talented crafts people working in a range of crafts to take part in a new series. They say:

"TV Production Company RICOCHET is making a new series that celebrates traditional and contemporary crafts for a major broadcaster. Each episode will feature a different craft with a rich heritage and modern appeal; Stonemasonry, Weaving, Glass Blowing, Greenwood, Ceramics, Metal Work and Cabinet Making. We are looking for the UK’s most talented amateur crafts people to hone their skills under the mentorship of some of the UK’s top crafts men and women - in an opportunity that could change their lives forever. If this is you or someone you know we would like to hear from you. Call the team on 01273224837 or email to crafts@ricochet.co.uk."

If you haven't yet taken the step to your own business, you could be one of those talented people they are looking for - or perhaps you are the sort of expert they need. If your speciality is in one of those areas, why not follow up today.




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