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Are you worth it?

I have a feeling I am about to open a can of worms in this blog post and would like to state from the outset that I am  sitting so firmly on the fence on this one that I have splinters in my bottom!

How you price your products and how you, and others, value your work is a hugely complex subject.  You cannot simply say ‘I deserve to earn £10/hour, therefore that jumper I knitted should be £500’.  Maybe it should be but will anyone pay that? What are your competitors charging? And in your £10/hour have you factored in the hours of training and skill development you have done? Fundamentally do you want to make money or do you want to make a living?

We could debate this for hours but I think I have found a really good example to highlight some of the dilemmas we all face. Wool and the Gang is a very visible brand with fantastic imagery and a great story.  I feel they are firmly aimed at the fashion market and the upper end at that. Have a look at their [read on]

New year resolutions for your business

As in the rest of life, Christmas and the lead up to it can be an overwhelming time for handmade and creative businesses. There was the run up thinking about what your seasonal products were going to be and how you planned to promote them, then there were products to actually produce and finally, we hope, lots of sales and orders to fulfil.

With the new year, may come an urge to slump in an armchair and relax. But in business as in life there are other things to think about – in particular some new year’s resolution to make.

And as January tends to be a bit quieter perhaps you’ll have time to make a start on them as well.

  1. Update your website – make sure you’ve removed any Christmas offers, references or messages. But also think about whether your website is working for you as well as it could. Make a plan about what needs changing and whether this is a long term plan or just a simple quick fix. If they are quick fixes, set aside some time to do it [read on]

Learn from other creative businesses showcasing their talents

For many small and start-up creative businesses expensive consultancy and training courses are just not an option which is why it is essential to grab any opportunity to learn from others. If you come across a challenge or a problem, the chances are someone, somewhere has come across the same issue.

At the moment the Guardian’s Small Business Network (GSBN) is offering an amazing opportunity to learn from 100s of other businesses. Its Showcase campaign gives small businesses the opportunity to sing their own praises and share their experiences online.

In each category companies can submit up to 250 words explaining how they have innovated or found solutions to particular challenges. So far you can read about innovative solutions for running your business from home, ways to market yourself on a budget, logistics for small enterprises and cashflow management idea in entries from a wide variety of enterprises.

It is well worth the time of any budding entrepreneur or small [read on]